Angående Lars og Kina (Concerning Lars and China) last changed 04.11.11 midi noteworthy
En rigtig flyttemand har ingen arme (a real mover has no arms) last changed 02.01.20 midi noteworthy
Particular last changed 02.01.20 midi noteworthy
Et liv i sus og dusch last changed 01.10.12 midi noteworthy
Hvordan man scorer point i Matador (How to get points in Monopoly) last changed 01.10.10 midi noteworthy
Den slemme dreng fra Jaffa (the bad boy from Jaffa) last changed 01.10.29 midi noteworthy
Kongen af denim (the king of denim) last changed 01.10.29 midi noteworthy
Hammond HAMmond HAMMOND! last changed 01.10.29 midi noteworthy
Hvis ordblinde havde magten (if the dyslectic had the power) last changed 01.05.19 midi noteworthy
Tag mine kanin-hænder (take my rabbit-hands) last changed 01.05.30 midi noteworthy
Bedstemor med slag i taskerne (granny with a punch in her bags (not really translateable...)) last changed 01.01.25 midi -
Den varme sultan (the warm sultan) last changed 00.12.28 midi -
Trio Fizz last changed 01.01.25 midi -
Lossons Grotto (the grotto of the bobcat(sort of...)) last changed 01.01.25 midi -
Herakles på glatis (hercules on thin ice) last changed 00.11.30 midi -
Møllerens hule (the millers cave) last changed 00.04.02 midi -
Lidet (a little) last changed 01.01.25 midi -
Det er snart jul og jeg ønsker mig en playboy (it'll be christmas soon and I want a playboy) last changed 00.11.17 midi -
Fucking Poland last changed 01.01.10 midi -
Eet enkelt riff (just one riff) last changed 00.11.18 midi -
Håkon og sneen (haakon and the snow) last changed 00.05.09 midi -
Næsestorm (nosestorm) last changed 01.01.25 midi -
Two silhouettes of one horse last changed 99.10.31 midi -